scholarship Details

Academic & Talent-based Scholarships

Invictus Secondary School offers exceptional students the opportunity to rise to their full potential and make their mark on the world. The scholarships are awarded on the basis of overall academic performance or exceptional talent in creative arts or sports. Upon successful application, you will be invited for an interview with the campus Principal.

Successful interviewees will be eligible for a 50% or 25% scholarship off the school fees. Once the Scholarship has been agreed by the Scholarship Committee, you will be notified in writing after 14 working days.

Invictus scholarships are open to:

New students that Invictus has offered a place and the student qualifies in the categories stated below
Exisiting students at Invictus who demonstrate a change in the level of achievement, resulting in them meeting the criteria.

There will be several scholarship application windows throughout the school year, follow us on social media or check this page to find out when these windows will open.

Important Dates:

Application window opens: 1 June 2021
Application window closes: 2359 hrs, 30 June 2021
Scholarship interviews:1-14 July 2021
Release of scholarship results: 15 July 2021
Total Number of Scholarships available: 30

Types of Scholarships Available

Academic Scholarships

Assessment will be based on performance in the entrance assessments, as appropriate to the point of entry. The current headteacher’s report/reference and the student interview at Invictus also plays an important part of the assessment process. Following the scholarship assessments, students will be ranked accordingly, and scholarships will be offered to the best performing students overall.

Music Scholarships

The School looks for evidence of future potential as well as current achievements. Candidates will be assessed for the Scholarship by the Campus Principal and Senior Music Teacher at the time of the entrance assessments. The music scholar will be expected to take IGCSE Music. The music scholar will be expected to take leading roles in school ensemble activities and liturgies and to perform at concerts and other public events, as required. Should a student stop playing the relevant instrument/not take IGCSE Music, then the award will cease from the following term.

Sport Scholarships

Proven sporting ability/interests will be the basis for selection and potential will also be assessed. Priority will be given to candidates who excel in at least 2 of the School’s major sports. Candidates will be assessed for the scholarship by the Campus Principal and Senior Sports Teacher at the time of scholarship application. In the event that a student excels in only one particular sporting field, a scholarship may still be awarded. Evidence of the student’s achievements, including a testimonial from their coach as appropriate. Sport scholars will be expected to represent the School at sporting events, as required by the Senior Sports Teacher. Should a student stop playing the relevant sport, then the award will cease from the following term.

For more information please refer to the documents below.