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茵維特提供由幼稚園到中學十三年級的一條龍教育。目前,我們仍接受2021 -2022 學年度K1至小學六年級的入學申請及個別年級的2021年1月插班申請。

Invictus Hong Kong, Tseung Kwan O
Invictus Hong Kong Chai Wan

Secondary School at 188 Tai Tam Road, Chai Wan

Invictus Hong Kong Chai Wan





Invictus Kindergarten has a maximum teacher to student ratio of 1:12, while the Invictus Primary school has a maximum teacher to student ratio of 1:25. A typical school year at Invictus is from August to June with a two-week break in December.

  1. Invictus utilizes the International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC) which is built around the learning principles of interdependence and independence, communicating, enquiry, and healthy living and physical well-being. The 18 units of learning are based around themes that aim to capture children’s curiosity.

    Our primary school utilizes the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) which is used by over 1,800 schools in 90 countries around the world. The IPC uses over 130 theme and topic-based units of learning to connect learning across a set of rigorous and holistic subject, personal and international learning goals. The IPC curriculum is offered for subjects in Mathematics, Social Studies, Creative Arts, Physical Education, Language, Science, History, Geography, Arts and Information & Communication Technology.

    Invictus supplements the IEYC and IPC curricula with rigorous Mathematics, English and Mandarin courses. It is also the only bilingual IEYC and IPC school in Hong Kong withEnglish and Mandarin curricula adapted from the UK National Curriculum and the Hong Kong Chinese Language Curriculum respectively. The Mathematics curriculum is based on the Singapore Ministry of Education Mathematics Framework which is renowned worldwide for its comprehensive programme.

  2. Assessments by Invictus School include formal knowledge tests, written and project work assessment, observation skills and effort assessment against a matrix set by the school. There are also two parent-teacher conferences per year to discuss targets and progress, with written reports issued in the middle and at the end of the year.

Browse our primary curriculum page for more information on our international curriculum and how it meets the needs of our kindergarten and primary school students.

Invictus IEYC Invictus IPC

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