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Academics and Extracurricular Activities: Invictus HK After School

12 Apr 2024
After classes end, students at Invictus School Hong Kong are encouraged to take part in Extracurricular Activities that help them develop skills and interests outside of the regular curriculum. These activities, whether they're sports clubs, creative arts, or academics-based, help our students further their learnings and grow as individuals.

ECAs are beneficial to the well-being of our students, and have been shown to produce:

  • Positive behaviour
  • Improved communication skills
  • Better leadership skills
  • Increased academic performance

Find out about some of the activities our students get to experience here at Invictus!


Chess is a strategic game that requires memory and planning. It's well known to have several cognitive benefits, such as improving strategic thinking, problem-solving skills, and concentration. Our students learn how to anticipate their opponent's moves, and think on a deeper level, helping them build their decision-making skills.

During Chess Club, students delve into the strategies and principles that elevate their chess skills. They have the opportunity to play against each other, learning through friendly competition. Beyond the game itself, the clubroom fosters a sense of community where students from different backgrounds bond over their shared passion for chess. As members develop their skills, we encourage them to participate in competitions. These experiences build resilience and emphasise the importance of the journey, not just the outcome of winning.

In-line Skating

In-line Skating
Our In-Line Skating Club offers a fun and healthy extracurricular activity for students, promoting fitness, balance, and hand-eye coordination. Regular participation builds agility, strength, and cardiovascular health—all essential for a healthy lifestyle! 

Our beginner-friendly club welcomes new skaters, teaching them basic stances, safe stopping, and turning techniques. Instructors prioritise safety and support, ensuring newcomers feel confident as they learn. Students will be placed in an advanced group once they reach a certain level, where they'll have the opportunity to learn advanced tricks and venture outside of campus for additional challenges.

Science & Robotics

Science & Robotics
Our Science Robotics Club nurtures tech-savvy students, fueling their interest in STEM fields. We offer specific programs in areas such as robotics, coding, and science experiments. This stimulating environment encourages innovation and helps build an early interest in STEM. 

During Robo Codes sessions, students engage in hands-on programming, learning the fundamentals of robotics. These exercises foster creativity, problem-solving skills, logical thinking, and technology literacy. Our club provides a unique opportunity for students to get a head start in technological fields, taking a self-directed approach to pursue their interests from a young age.

English Storytelling

English Storytelling
Our English Storytelling club is a language-based activity that helps students build proficiency in the language. At Invictus School Hong Kong, we make sure to place emphasis on bilingual education. Students are encouraged to build their experience with multiple languages, and improve their communication skills. Through the English Storytelling club, students are able to express their creativity in a supportive environment.

Through storytelling, students get to practice using diverse vocal tones, pacing, and body language to convey a narrative, helping them develop their language skills at the same time. They often learn new words and phrases that enrich their vocabulary, and this enrichment of their English ability can contribute to their academics as well.

Learn And Grow Outside The Classroom At Invictus School Hong Kong

Learn And Grow Outside The Classroom At Invictus School Hong Kong
These are just a few examples of the ECAs we hold at Invictus School Hong Kong. We offer a diverse range of after-school clubs for our students to participate in, from sports, to arts, to music and drama societies, in order to provide them with a wide range of experiences. Hobbies and interests are a vital part of a holistic educational curriculum, so we've put together a range of extracurricular activities that let students from all walks of life discover their personal interests and develop valuable life skills.

Through both academic and extracurricular endeavours, Invictus School Hong Kong strives to nurture innovative and dedicated lifelong learners, ready to excel in a rapidly evolving world. 

Contact us today to make an enquiry, or book a tour to come experience campus life for you and your child.