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Hong Kong International School Fees

Affordable International School in Hong Kong

Since its inception, Invictus School Hong Kong has had the goal of ensuring we deliver quality education at affordable prices. Invictus teachers come from all over the world and utilise world-renowned, robust curricula in conjunction with excellent teaching instruction to ensure that each student reaches their full potential. We offer a holistic education that inspires primary and secondary students to be lifelong learners and challenges them with opportunities to flourish.

Our annual school fees consist of our tuition fees and any applicable support programmes or miscellaneous fees that may vary for each student.

Invictus makes international curricula and a world-class education accessible to all with school fees payable over 10 instalments.

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Fee structure

School fees are payable over 10 instalments.

The annual school fee for Kindergarten is HK$107,120 with 10 instalments of HK$10,712 each and our fees for Primary School is HK$110,250 payable in 10 instalments of HK$11,025 each. (certain percentage increments, subject to EDB’s approval). You can find the latest fee information updated here.

The annual school fees for Year 7 to Year 13 at our Chai Wan campus are from HK$129,780 to HK$132,300 with 10 instalments. The latest fee information for our Chai Wan campus is here.

Miscellaneous fees that may be required include course material fees, curricular trips and visits, extra-curricular activities, school lunch fee and school bus fee.

No Debenture International School Fees

At Invictus Hong Kong, we practice no debenture fees.

A debenture fee is usually a one-time payment towards financing the school community, often used for campus facilities, building improvements, and other capital costs. By not requiring a debenture, we do not ask for this additional payment, making it more affordable for parents to enrol their children. Enquire with us to understand more.

Withdrawal Policy

School fees are not transferable and are charged per calendar month. 

A minimum notice period of 60 days is needed for withdrawal.

Invictus Hong Kong - no entrance fee, entry fee, application fee - payment to designated bank account - schools fees comply with education bureau - fees per academic year

Payment Terms

All school fee payments must be made in Hong Kong dollars and annual tuition fees are paid by Auto pay only. Tuition fees and miscellaneous fees are to be paid only upon invoicing.

We offer bank transfer and FPS as payment options for tuition fees and miscellaneous fees. The student name must be stated as a reference in bank transfers to allow for correct identification of each remittance.

Existing students with outstanding payments may have their school attendance privileges revoked by the school. No transcripts, transfers or school records will be released upon withdrawal from the school if there are any outstanding payments.

The most updated payment terms can be found here for the Tseung Kwan O campus and here for the Chai Wan campus.

Since inception, Invictus has aimed to allow international students to receive high-quality primary and secondary education for an affordable fee. Our students are empowered to be engaged learners who are equipped with international perspectives while developing a love for learning that will last the rest of their lives.

Apply for a school tour at our Tseung Kwan O campus for kindergarten and primary school or our secondary school campus to find out more about what we have to offer.

*Please be advised that we will be increasing tuition fees by an average of 4% for all levels - Kindergarten, Primary, and Secondary - for the upcoming year (from August 2024). These adjustments are pending approval by the Education Bureau (EDB).