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Our Facilities

Secondary Campus

Open to local and expatriate students from Years 7 - 13, Invictus Secondary School is situated in the picturesque southern region of Hong Kong Island, at the end of Tai Tam (Big Bay in old Cantonese) road. Nestled in the country park, surrounded by hills and popular hiking trails, our students will benefit from the best natural environment Hong Kong Island has to offer.

Our school is highly accessible, and there are multiple ways to reach the school campus. Hop on the MTR line to Sai Wan Ho station, transfer to the comfortable double-decker bus No.14, and we’re only a few bus stops away. Alternatively, you can take one of the numerous minibuses No. 20M from Chai Wan MTR, and you will get to our campus in no longer than five minutes.

On our brand new campus, you’ll find modern, well-resourced classrooms that are designed and equipped with the latest interactive technology. Our classrooms serve to stimulate and encourage every student to engage and to develop their talents. Altogether, our learning facilities include a library, computer lab, science lab, art room, theatre and a common area for students to rest and relax.

At Invictus, our focus is on the holistic education of each student. In addition to our on-campus facilities, students will benefit from the excellent government sports facilities that are conveniently located next to the school campus. By using existing facilities, Invictus can pass cost savings from not having to build and maintain such facilities to our parents in the form of more accessible tuition fees; without compromising on the quality of the educational experience.
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