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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum number of students in each class?

Each class will have a maximum of 25 students.

How many classes will there be per year/grade?

We plan to start with one class per grade. In the event we are oversubscribed for a particular year, we will consider opening up another class.

How many different nationalities are represented at your school? What is the most common nationality at your school?

Invictus offers a multicultural learning environment. Currently, there are around 10 nationalities that make up the student population. We have students from the United States of America, Hong Kong, Mainland China, Britain, India, Malaysia, Japan and Korea.

Which class education facilities will be available?

Invictus offers a full learning curriculum and provides the infrastructure and facilities to educate our children with the best possible tools. Our campus consists of two fully equipped labs, a library, an art class, plus many specialist rooms. ICT is used in all classrooms and across the curriculum.

What is the suggested amount of time that students need to complete their homework?

In the lower secondary years, homework will be assigned to students depending on subjects and topics as well as year level; homework and projects intensity and time spent. For our IGCSE and A-level students, the workload will be relatively higher so as to prepare them for exams and further education.

Does your school provide lunches for students?

Unfortunately, we do not have facilities to prepare food on campus. Students are required to bring two snacks and a water bottle every day. For lunch, you can either pack a lunch from home or order food to be delivered to the school from a specified meal provider with a delivery service. (Flourish Catering)

Do children have to wear a uniform?

Yes, we have a school uniform, which children are required to wear. It consists of a navy-blue polo with the school crest, grey shorts or skirt with the school’s name. Children are required to wear closed-toed shoes always. Flip-flops, Crocs and sandals are not acceptable. Black tennis shoes with white socks are preferred and required on photo days and official school events.

Which extracurricular activities or clubs does the school offer?

Invictus has ECAs such as Coding, Taekwondo and Fencing that have been arranged with the relevant service providers, we are just waiting for the green light to go ahead. (Currently, activities are cancelled due to COVID measures)

What is the teaching approach of your school?

Our secondary follows Cambridge lower secondary, IGCSE and A-level curricula. The concept of a ‘Cambridge learner’ helps to communicate attributes that are important for learners in the modern world. Invictus recognise that a meaningful curriculum is more than a collection of subjects. Learners need to develop a set of academic skills, life skills and attitudes to be successful.

What foreign languages do you offer other than English and Chinese?

There will be opportunities to learn other languages through direct teaching i.e French, this will increase as the school grows. In addition, self-study time can be used to steady languages not directly taught by staff but supported with on-line programs.

What instalment plans do you offer and when are the payment dates?

Please refer to our Fee Structure page here for more information.

What is the ratio of local students to international students?

Invictus welcomes both local and international students and does not differentiate between nationalities.