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Let's Welcome Ms Julia Woo: Invictus Hong Kong's New Principal

Meet Ms Julia Woo, the new principal of Invictus International School in Hong Kong! Let’s get to know more about her educational philosophy and how she is going to usher in a brand-new chapter for the students, parents, and teachers of Invictus.

Introducing Ms Julia Woo — An Experienced Leader from MOE Singapore

Ms Woo's distinguished career began in Singapore, home to one of the world's most esteemed school systems, where she performed multiple leadership roles

Before she was an educator, Ms Woo already possessed a strong dedication to helping others. She pursued a degree in social work, arming her with the skills to support students from diverse and disadvantaged backgrounds. Following this passion, she worked her way up to become principal of two Secondary Schools, before joining Singapore’s Ministry of Education (MOE) as a Cluster Superintendent. As both a former teacher and School Leader, her impact resonated throughout the system, influencing numerous students and teachers in her journey. 

This year, Ms Woo joined Invictus Hong Kong at a pivotal time, as the school prepares for its first cohort of A level graduates this year, after establishing a secondary division in 2021 in addition to its kindergarten and primary schools.

Her background and experience will not be the only impact she will have on Invictus Hong Kong. Ms Woo’s guiding values and unique perspectives are also poised to transform Invictus Hong Kong’s standard of education and curriculum, paving the way for a brighter future for their students.

Equipping Students with 21st Century Skills — Unveiling Ms Julia Woo's Core Values on Education

Every child possesses unique talents that can lead to their success—this is something Ms Woo firmly believes in. 

Having interacted with students from diverse backgrounds, she recognises that education extends beyond academics, and each child has their own strengths outside of the classroom. That is why at Invictus Hong Kong, Ms Woo aims to go beyond the normal curricula to emphasise the importance of 21st-century competencies and provide students with the tools they need to succeed. 

For her, "Every child can succeed, and what we educators need to do is to unleash their potential, help them discover their talents, and build up their confidence to succeed in their field." With this conviction, Ms Woo will work together with her teachers to empower students to excel in their chosen paths, build their self-confidence, and foster a sense of purpose that inspires them to take on new challenges confidently.

Ms Woo is excited at the prospect of bringing more positive changes to Invictus Hong Kong, and influencing the lives of students both within and beyond the classroom, and the wider community of educators.

A New Chapter — Charting the Path Ahead at Invictus School Hong Kong

Although Ms Woo is focused on nurturing students holistically, she is also cognisant of the academic concerns of parents in Hong Kong. According to a 2016 study by the Chinese University of Hong Kong, 54% of parents believe that it is crucial to develop a child's interests "as early in life as possible". Additionally, one in six respondents considers it essential not to let young children "fall behind" their peers and want them to start young to achieve success.

With this view in mind, Ms Woo strives to ensure the rigorous curricula of Invictus Hong Kong. She will work closely with the teachers to deliver the curriculum well, with teachers playing the role of facilitator, guide, and mentor. She will also focus on providing resources to boost students' holistic development by providing opportunities for them to be participate in sports, music, the arts and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) activities. 

Beyond that, Ms Woo is pushing for several other programs, including a student exchange experience with other Invictus campuses around Asia, university visits for senior students, opportunities to explore organisations and businesses, and more. Through these programs, she aims to widen students’ perspectives and provide them with real-world experiences that align with their interests and passion.

As Invictus Hong Kong welcomes the leadership of Ms Woo, the school will continue to strive towards its vision of providing quality education for every student under their care. With this new chapter unfolding, Invictus is well-positioned to prepare them for a rapidly changing world and profoundly impact their lives with the an enriching and meaningful educational experience.