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Invictus School HK: Inclusive & Affordable International School Initiatives

24 Apr 2024
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The cost of international schooling can often present a major hurdle for families, especially those with multiple children. At Invictus School Hong Kong, we're committed to breaking down the barrier by offering various initiatives and accessible education schemes that help parents in their search for affordable and high-quality education.

Discover the wide variety of programs we offer at Invictus, that are tailored to support your family's educational journey.

Sibling Rebate Scheme – Making Education Affordable for Families

The Sibling Rebate Scheme is designed to make education more accessible and affordable for families with more than one child. Under this initiative, families can receive a monthly rebate on tuition fees for the second and subsequent siblings, making it easier to manage the financial strain of providing multiple children with education. This also allows siblings to end up in the same school, promoting positive family relationships and helping them maintain a sense of familiarity.

Invictus School Hong Kong offers a 5% monthly rebate on tuition fees for second and subsequent siblings. Our rebate applies from the second month of the school year onwards, and applies to students in Kindergarten, Primary School, and Secondary School. With this program, you can make sure your children grow up with the same education, and can feel a sense of belonging with one another.

To find out more about our terms and conditions, click here!

Scholarships – Rewarding Excellence and Talent

Through the use of our Scholarship Program, Invictus School Hong Kong provides an incentive for students to achieve their own goals and unlock their potential, while creating an environment that encourages healthy competition and intellectual stimulation between students. We want students to push their boundaries and explore various fields of interest, so they can discover their own talents.

Our scholarship initiatives provide 25% to 50% remission of annual tuition fees, and are granted to applicants who show promise in academic performance. After applying, students are selected by our scholarship committee, and invited for an interview with the campus principal upon acceptance of their application. Scholarship opportunities open up at various times throughout the year, giving new and existing students the chance to participate.

Having a robust scholarship system creates more accessible education for students from different socio-economic backgrounds, allowing them to achieve academic excellence regardless of financial circumstances. This badge of recognition is used to celebrate the effort that our students put in, and reward them for their hard work.

Learn more about our scholarship program here.

Student Referral Program – Encouraging Community Growth

At Invictus School Hong Kong, our Student Referral Program helps us create a network of parents with close bonds to our school. By recommending our school through word of mouth, parents help us expand the Invictus network, and form an inclusive community of students and parents. As thanks, parents who take part in this initiative are given school credit for each successful referral. 

This program is open to both existing and newly registered Invictus parents. Besides financial incentives, the referral network helps us craft a robust community of advocates for the school. It enables us to have a broader reach that demonstrates satisfaction and trust in our schooling system.

Invictus School Hong Kong: Making a Commitment to Accessible Education

By utilising these financial support programs, our school aims to offer affordable education options that cater to families from various backgrounds. We prioritise a diverse, multicultural student body and place significant value on admitting students from all walks of life. Embracing a multicultural environment allows us to cultivate global learning mindsets, enabling students to benefit from each other's experiences.

If you'd like to come visit our school for yourselves and experience what it'd be like to be part of the Invictus Family, you can book a tour today, or contact us to find out more about our initiatives.